3 simple ingredients + 2 hours of stirring

butter, sugar, milk.

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family recipe    

made by hand  

simple ingredients   +


one of a kind caramel love  


At Bad Duck Caramel we are on a mission to provide candy lovers with magnificent caramel.  



We make Bad Duck Caramel in small batches, by hand - using a special family recipe of three ingredients and two hours of stirring. This ensures that the flavour and quality of our caramels is second to none.  (find out more)


Simple Ingredients 

We are proud to be tree nut/peanut free, gluten and preservative free.  Butter, cane sugar, cane syrup, milk.  That's it.    (ingredients) 


Family Recipe

Handed down through 3 generations, we are true to the original recipe. The quality and heritage of this caramel is what makes it so special.  (Gertie and Chum)




Our fans have this to say;


“This is the best caramel I’ve ever had in my life!  Where can I get some more?”  Gary


I’m in love.”  Judy


"That caramel was fantastic!" Wendy


"We just destroyed that!" 

Millarville Market visitor

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