Three simple ingredients + 2 hours of stirring

butter, cane sugar, milk

We think you'll love them.   Just Quack it!



Our caramel isn't cut and wrapped individually but poured in a slab and then cut into bars or slates.  When chilly you can smack (quack) the slate  and break it into chunks.  When warm it can be cut into pieces or just take a big bite.  Any way you eat it, you won't be speaking for awhile as you savour the flavour and texture of Bad Duck Caramel. 

 Caramel Bar/Slate

Salted Caramel

Traditional caramel with some sea salt added and then while it's cooling sprinkled with

Fleur de Sel.  A smooth, salty crunch that makes the caramel taste bigger. 


Outdoors person? Call this a safety bar, a pull your ass out of the fire boost, an 80g furnace?

Greg and Carmen have spent our lives working and teaching in the outdoors, guiding, leading kids' groups, canoeing, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, hiking.  There are many times in our past when we wished for something like our caramel bars- to get us down to the car, get the group over the last kilometer, warm up someone who took a spill in cold water or is scared.   In that kind of situation you aren't looking for protein or vitamins- you need jet fuel.  Because this caramel is a rich combination of sugar and butter it is instant energy without the bonk at the end, as the butter burns more slowly.  These are the perfect survival/rescue bar or a decadent reward at the end of great day.   Stick a couple in the bottom of your pack- they are totally worth it.

Pep Chew Pep Chew Pep Chew Pep Chew Pep Chew Pep Chew Pep Chew pep chew pep chew pep chew pep chew pep chew pep chew pep chew pep chew


Grandma's secret recipe that we base

all our varieties on.  Simply delicious. 

Gertie and Chum approved.

These are what we call a caramel bar or slate.  Approx 7 x 12 cm and greater than 80 grams.  Approximate because we pour and cut by hand and try as we might to get them all exactly the same- it just isn't possible.  So embrace the randomness!

we make Pep Chew  we make Pep Chew we make Pep Chew we make Pep Chew we make Pep Chew we make Pep Chew we make Pep Chew we make Pep Chew

We make Pep Chews!  When we were younger there was a chocolate bar called  Pep Chew.  It was peppermint caramel coated in dark chocolate.  We've looked everywhere and can't find them anymore- so now we make them for you.  Do you remember them?

Peppermint Chocolate Pep Chew
Salted Coffee Caramel

The same gorgeous caramel- with coffee and a sprinkle of fleur de sel (salt) on top!!!


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