Bad Duck and Bad Dog Antics

Rusty is the bad dog you've heard about. He is the inspiration for the name Bad Duck. He is also the inspiration for some of Leroy's antics. Really all we have to do is imagine what Rusty would do if he were in this situation. It's a good thing we leave him at home because he would and does cause complete chaos wherever he goes. These are some photos of when we brough our felted version of Leroy home. Too funny!


We listen to a lot of radio when we are cooking caramel- two hours of stirring is just the beginning. It's followed by cutting, wrapping, heat sealing and labeling. There is a war on sugar in the news right now. Remember the war on fat? The war on carbs? The war on meat? I gave up the food war a long time ago. For me everything in moderation. A great thinker and writer Christopher Hitchens has a wonderful quote on moderation. "In moderation of course, if you insist...but how was 'moderation' established except by transcending itself just a bit?" Perfect.

We're in the paper!

We were in Cranbrook last weekend at the Cranbrook Winter Market. We met a bunch of awesome people there who braved the rain, then snow, then cold to come and see us. Then Erna the lovely market manager sent us a note that our photo is in the newspaper. Here's the link. Please click on the link to December 2nd issue and photos of the market on cover and page 2. .

Our first press!

In November I got a call from Kris of I Love Creston magazine. She wanted to do an article about Bad Duck Caramel. We ended up on the cover! You can check it out online here We love the article....but there's a little bit of trouble around here right now. Leroy wanted to be on the cover too! He's been practicing doing poses for photo shoots like this. So maybe next time he'll have to do the interview.

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