Clue: It's not the round one with squishy white filling.

Search the attic, the basement, the photo albums.... the pockets of old coats... if you find one, let us know!!!

Lovers of Pep Chews know that they just all of a sudden disappeared sometime in the early 90's.   Owners of candy stores know that Pep Chew fans never give up asking for them in all kinds of random places.  


Pep Chew was made by a company called Pauline's in Winnipeg- the wrapper was green and white and red- or maybe orange  and was pre-internet so there isn't even a photo of it.  The company just closed- didn't sell any of it's recipes or products- just closed without warning to Pep Chew addicts - oops fans.  


 We would love to know what that wrapper looked like for sure- so get looking and if you find the wrapper or a colour photo and send it to us we will send you 36 caramel bars right to your door.  


Send to:  5440 Elsie-Holmes Rd, Wynndel, BC V0B 2N1

include your name, phone number and mailing address.  



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