New Labels!

We have beeing searching for a bulk source of golden syrup/cane syrup in order to change away from using corn syrup. Our main concern with corn syrup is that the majority of corn in the world is genetically modified (GMO). Sugar cane is not genetically modified (yet- hopefully never) Sugar beets are GMO- all of this not required to be labelled in Canada. We believe that if you're going to eat sugar you should boldly eat good sugar. So now we use pure cane sugar, pure cane syrup, butter and milk. Our butter and milk are from Canadian dairies and processed in Canada. So we now also have new labels. We have some product with labels that say corn- those contain corn. We are rolling out new labels that say cane- those contain cane. Easy peasy- yay for no GMO's.

We are also all grown up and ready to ship anywhere in Canada with weight, bar code, English/French and nutritional labelling. Let me tell you this was a crazy epic to get together and get it right!

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