No Waste Kitchen

As of this spring we are officially garbage free in our caramel production! We live in an area with no garbage pick up, but we do have community recycle bins. So when we have garbage we have to take it to the dump. Greg has been obsessed with reducing our garbage in the Bad Duck Kitchen as well as in our household. The buckets from the cane syrup get washed and reused (one can never have too many buckets and more to share). The bags from the cane sugar and the butter wrappers get recycled. The cans from the milk get washed, and the labels and tin get recycled. The plastic packaging that we use is minimal and recyclable. Any caramel cut offs or waste gets put in the compost along with our used paper towel. This summer our wash water from the sinks will be going to irrigate our roses and lilacs. SWEET! Our garbage can is very lonely.

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